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Check List for Registration as Pesticides Distributor in Punjab Province


Particulars Require                    

Name and address of the firm with name of Chief Executive with Cell No.
Whether the firm is Public Ltd., Private Limited, Registered firm, Sole proprietorship (Attach attested copy of Memorandum/Partnership Deed/Form-C (as the case may be) along with registration certificate.
3   Income Tax Certificate issued by CBR & GIR. No. in the name of firm (Attach Certificate)
  In case of a company minimum paid up capital of Rs.1.00 million and in case of individual capital investment of 0.5 million. (Attach Bank Statement)
5   Name of Pesticides(s) registered in the name of firm (Attach registration certificate)
Complete address/location of stores with name of in-charge and cell No.
Rental Agreement of Pesticide stores (Attested By Notary Public and validity date)

Location of major/zonal pesticides stores in Punjab.
The store should:-
a) Be away from populated area.
b) Be properly ventilated.
c) Have protected electrical installation.
d) Have firefighting equipment.
e) Be equipped with protective and safety clothing.
f) Have emergency shower and eye wash facilities.
g) have arrangement for prevention of spillage and disposal of waste
  Location of formulation plant if available (Optional). The formulation plant should have well equipped pesticide analytical system, omission control system and should follow industrial hygiene precautions.

  Name of technical staff, qualification, location of their posting, Postal address and contact No. (Attach Appointment letters/Joining report/Photographs/I.D card in cotton and rice zone of Punjab especially with attested copies of their testimonials minimum requirement is 05 Agricultural graduates) Attested by Oath commissioner
  Number of Vehicles. (Attach attested photocopy of registration book of at least 05 vehicles in the name of firm or lease agreement with the owner of vehicle )  Attested By Notary Public and validity date

Pesticide refilling and repacking unit,
If the firm is self-importer of pesticides, proof regarding the refilling/repacking of pesticides at its own registered repacking/refilling   unit issued by the DDP Karachi may be furnished.    
If the pesticide importer is availing refilling /repacking facility from some other unit an agreement with such firm may be furnished. The facilitator firm’s unit must be registered with DPP Karachi. 
If the Pesticide Distributor is purchasing pesticides re-packed by the Importer, a proof from the importer firm may be furnished.
Copy of Bank Draft/Pay order for fresh regitration processing fee Rs; 3,00,000 and renewal processing fee Rs. 100,000 in advance(Non-refundable)(Copy attached) Attested by CEO.
14   All photocopies attached in the file must be duly attested.
Under taking on Rs. 50/- stamp paper (Attested by Oath commissioner)
16   All previous licenses

Other Documents
All Academic documents of store in-charge including CNIC.
All Academic documents (Degrees/ Certificates/ domicile) of Technical Staff.
CNICs of Parties concerned and witnesses in all agreements/ partnership deed.

Documents required in addition to check list already notified.

1. All academic documents (Degrees/ Certificates/ Domicile/ CNICs) of Technical Staff and Store In charge.
2. Attested copies of CNICs of Parties concerned and witnesses in all agreements/ partnership deed.
3. All agreements should have Validity date at least for next license period (e.g. this agreement will be valid
    for three years  w.e.f. 15-3-15 to 14-3 18)  
4. All agreements/ partnership deed should be attested by Notary public having by name stamp.
5. All undertakings/ affidavits should be attested by Oath Commissioner having by name stamp.
6. All photo copies of documents should be attested by Govt. Gazetted Officer.
7. Business volume (Rs. Millions) for last three years separately for renewal cases.
8. Samples drawn (fit/unfit) for last three years separately for renewal cases.

A penalty @ Rs.10,000/- per month will be charged for the renewal cases submitted after the date of expiry of
registration in addition to normal renewal fee. As per Govt. Notification fresh/renewal cases will be received
by the Department during the period Ist November to 31st May. Thereafter (Ist June to 31st October) the fresh/renewal cases may be processed by the Agriculture Department on deposit of penalty @ Rs.2000/- per day for fresh and @ Rs.1000/- per day for renewal cases.