Biological Control

What is a predator, parasite and pathogen? Top
The predator is an insect or other organism that preys other insect and eat it at the spot. Parasite is an organism that remains attached with its host and gets food as well as shelter from it making it weak. Pathogen is an organism that causes disease in insect pest. It may be virus, bacteria or fungi                                                                                                                                                               


What are predators of Aphid? Top
Lady bird beetle, Syrphid fly and  Chrysopa are main predators of Aphid                                                                      
What is importance of Trichogramma in pest control? Top
Trichogramma is egg parasite of different boll worms and borers. It is being reared in Pakistan and its egg cards are available for farmers from different research labs. In Pakistan  
Which insect is the most effective pollinator? Top
Honey bee is the best pollinator