Control Measures

What should be done to keep the birds away from eating the crop in sunflower? Top  
Generally the fire-cracker and drum beating within the field is practiced for keeping the birds away from the crop    
Why spray is recommended in evening? Top  
The major objective to spray in the evening is to save pollinators and other beneficial insects which are active in day time while it also inhibits the loss of pesticides through evaporation    
How can one get rid of army worm and Helicoverpa larvae in vegetables? Top  
Both of the insect pests can be controlled by using some effective pesticides like lufenuron @ 200 ml/acre or proclaim® @ 200 ml/acre etc    
Why chemical application is prohibited in wheat crop for aphid control but allowed for weed control? Top  
As the wheat is edible cereal crop so at the time of aphid infestation the crop is almost at maturity time so spray is prohibited. Moreover plenty of beneficial insects are prevailing in the field which through a little management can control the aphid infestation. Herbicides are applied at the seedling stage of the wheat which has no direct influence on the edible grain of wheat crop. Moreover weeds can not be control with some beneficial insect    
Explain how spurious pesticides can be checked in the District? Top  
The spurious pesticides are checked by the Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides Department officers who regularly draw samples of pesticides in their respective jurisdiction and send the same to the laboratories. After getting the results from the lab the necessary legal action is initiated with the registration of FIR against the culprits    
They can be controlled by hoeing and cultivation of soil Top  
How can we control pupae of American boll worm and armyworm?    
Why light trap is not recommended for whitefly? Top  
Because light trap is recommended for the observation of those insects which are active during the night time and they are usually belong to a family called Noctuidae. Whereas white fly belong to family Allerodidae    
What are Best IGRs known to control army worm? Top  
Runner and Match are the best insect growth regulators known to control armyworm in field crops    
What are important diseases of cotton and what are their casual organisms and how they are controlled? Top  
Cotton leaf curl virus caused by Gemini Virus, Angular leaf spot of cotton caused by Xanthomonas malvacerum, wilt caused by Verticillium and root rot caused by different fungi are main diseases of cotton in Pakistan    
What are common pests sugarcane and what are their ETLs? Top  
Sugarcane borers, black bug and sugarcane pyrilla are common pests of sugarcane. Their ETLs are 10%, for each borer, 10 bugs per leaf and 2 pyrilla/leaf    
Which pesticide is used for seed treatment purpose with sugarcane sets? Top  
The sugarcane sets are dipped in a 0.5 % solution of fungicides like, Agalol, captan, Thiophanate Methyl etc. for 5 minutes    
How narrow and broad leaf weeds can be controlled in wheat crop? Top  
The narrow leaf weeds when reach at ETL can be controlled by spraying at proper time and using proper weedicide nozzle by fenoxaprop-p-ethyle@ 400 ml/acre or clodinafop @ 100 gm /acre or pinoxadin @ 330 ml/acre. Similarly, broad leaf weeds if reach at ETL in wheat crop can be controlled by various weedicides like, Bromoxynil + MCPA @ 500 ml/acre or fluroxapyr etc    
What should be done to get pure seed of wheat crop? Top  
All other seed varieties should be removed from the crop and the diseased plants like loose smut or karnal bunt plants should be removed from the main crop and burnt properly