Cotton Crop and its Pests

What is the de-linting process of cotton seed?                                                                                       Top
The fuzzy seed of cotton is normally acid delinted so that seed can freely move in the pore for sowing purposes. The ratio of sulfuric acid and seed is 1:10, i.e. one litre of acid is sufficient for 10 kg of seed. During the delinting process, acid is poured and mixed onto the seeds kept in a large plastic sheet until the fuzz is removed and given several washings with
tap water to remove extra acid on the seeds                                                                                                                                                                                                           


How many plants are there in an acre to get good yield of Bt cotton?   Top
There are normally 24000 plants in a cotton field    
Why sucking pest attack is more on Bt cotton varieties as compared to non Bt varieties?   Top
This is called pest replacement. In Bt cotton the minor sucking pests like dusky bug, thrips, mealy bug etc have replaced
theboll worms i.e. American boll worm, spotted boll worm and pink boll worm
What should a farmer do from saving early attack of sucking insect pests in cotton crop?   Top
The crop can be saved from the early attack of sucking insect pests like whitefly, jassid and thrips by seed treatment with suitable insecticide like imidacloprid70 WS @ 7-10 g/kg seed    
What is the ideal climate for cotton mite and whitefly infestation?   Top
Hot and dry climate is ideal for mite and whitefly infestation    
What are pests of seedling cotton?   Top
The pests that attack cotton at seedling stage are Thrips, Whitefly, cutworm, termites and Aphid in early cotton    
On attack of thrips why farmers are advised to plough/hoe the field?   Top
Because in sucking pests thrips is the only pest in which pupae are developed into the soil up to 2’’. By hoeing of the fieldpupae are exposed to the sunlight which results in death at premature stage    
What can we use as attractant for white fly in tunnel crops?   Top
Yellow sticky traps are an effective measure to control the white fly in tunnel crops    
Why does cotton leaf becomes black?                                                                                                        Top
Cotton leaf becomes black due attack of whitefly or Aphid    
What are pests which can not attack Bt. Cotton?   Top
Bt. Cotton is resistant against spotted bollworm and Heliothis    
What are bugs that feed on cotton?   Top
Red cotton bug and Dusky cotton bugs feed on seeds of cotton    
What are chewing pests of cotton?   Top 
Spotted boll worm, Pink boll worm, American boll worm, Armyworm, Grey weevil, cut worm, Crickets and some loopers are chewing type pests of cotton    
What is pupa?   Top
It is non feeding resting stage of some insects    
Where is pupae of American boll worm and Armyworm found?   Top
The pupae of both these insects are found in soil    
What are host plants of Armyworm?   Top
Caster bean, Janter, cotton, sunflower, Lady finger, vegetables, and many weeds host armyworm