Directorate General of Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides are performing the following functions:

  • Pest Management/Pest Scouting/ Pest Surveys of Crops, Vegetables, Orchards etc.
  • Development of pest forecast models through ICT interventions.
  • Capacity building of farmers and Extension Workers by imparting technical training.
  • Monitoring of Pesticides business by 176 Pesticide Inspectors under Agricultural Pesticides Ordinance, 1971 (amended in 2012) and Punjab Pesticide Rules, 2018.
  • Registration of Pesticides Distributors and inspection of their infrastructures and operations.
  • Registration and training of pesticide dealers on safe handling of pesticides.
  • Screening/ Standardization of Pesticides for registration.
  • Research trials to resolve farmers' burning pest problems.