Future Plans

Directorate General of Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides have the following future plans for upcoming years:

  • Promotion of honesty, dedication and zeal in professionals
  • Farmers capable of using pest forecast models for précised pest management
  • Issuance of pest predictions on the basis of topography for every 10 sq km area in a Tehsil
  • Functional website for giving daily pest situation, forecast and recommendations to farmers
  • Use of aerial photography, remote sensors, GIS, satellites and meteorological radars in pest surveys and forecast
  • One Biological Lab in each Tehsil
  • Encouragement of local manufacturing of pesticides
  • One IPM training center in each tehsil office
  • One Insect Museum in each Tehsil Office
  • Use of Field Server-A wireless sensor network for monitoring of plant and field conditions
  • Mobile messaging on Pest Management to all farmers in a Tehsil
  • Research trials in each Tehsil on burning pest problems, pesticides efficacy  and effects on non-targets
  • Pesticide residue monitoring on crops, vegetables and orchards and focusing on IPM implementation accordingly
  • Monitoring of insecticide resistance and Integrated Resistance Management (IRM)
  • Agricultural Officer (Plant Protection) facilitated with 4-wheel vehicles on hire-purchase basis
  • Good office accommodation and residence for each officer
  • Recruitment of Pesticide Inspectors separately