When pest warning and quality control of pesticides came into existence? 
Pest warning came into existence in 1984  
What are objectives of Pest warning department?
Pest and disease survey, pest warning and forecasting, research on pest and disease management and
implementation of pesticides ordinance are main objectives of pest warning department
What is the basic function of Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides Department? Top
The basic function of Pest Warning Department is to warn the farmers about the current pest situation of their crops for keeping judicious use of pesticides and avoiding indiscriminate use. Secondly to make available the quality pesticides for the farmers by drawing samples regularly


How does pest warning monitor pest activities?  
Pest warning monitors pest activities through daily pest scouting and pest survey, Light and pheromone traps data, monitoring of nymphs, lavrae, pupae & adults insects from landscapes, fix plots observation, and specified research trials Top