Pest Management and Pest Scouting

What is integrated pest management?
Integrated pest management is an approach based on sound ecological knowledge that utilizes all eco-friendly control techniques one after other in coordinated manner to manage pest below economic injury level.                                                                     
What are control techniques of pests in field crops? Top
Cultural control, Physical control, Mechanical control, Biological control, legislative control, Resistance and chemical control are main control techniques of notorious pest.                                                                                                   
What is pest scouting and pest survey? Top
Pest survey is to asses pest population and their losses over large area i.e. District, province or country. Pest scouting is to determine no. of insect pests and their crop loss in a specific crop field.  
What is economic threshold level of a pest? Top
it is population level of a pest at which it becomes essential to spray field to avoid economic loss of crop from the pest.                                                    
How pest scouting in cotton crop is carried out? Top
In cotton crop there are two types of insect pests viz. sucking insects and the chewing insect-pests. For the sucking insects 20 leaves of 20 different plants, one from each from upper, middle and lower portions is selected for observing pest insect activity randomly while for bollworms or chewing insect pests, 25 plants, 5 plants contiguous at each place randomly are selected and observed for insect pest activity.


What should be kept in mind while deciding about spray on any crop? Top
Do pest scouting of the crop and spray should only be done upon reaching at ETLs of particular pest. The first spray should be carried out late and in the evening. Spray should not be done if there are strong winds and high sunshine.  
What is economic threshold level of thrips on cotton and when it attacks? Top
Economic threshold level of thrips on cotton is 8-10/leaf. The attack of thrips starts on cotton from seedling stage & its infestation continues till maturity of the crop. Usually hot and dry climate favours thrips infestation.