Pest Scouting/Pest Survey

Pest survey is to asses pest population and their losses over large area i.e. District, province or country & Pest scouting is to determine no. of insect pests and their crop loss in a specific crop area i.e. Kanal, Acre etc

Pest Scouting/Pest Survey of Crops

Pest Scouting /Pest Survey of Rabi and Kharif season crops, Vegetables and Orchards are conducts regularly throughout the year on weekly/ fortnightly basis as under: 

Types of Pest Scouting/Pest Survey

Two types of survey/ pest scouting are conducted.

Random Survey

  • A team of AO (PP) conducts pest scouting 5days/week, ADA(PP) 4days/week, DDA(PP) 3days/week. 
  • The teams, during survey record observations on the spots randomly in such a way that it represents the whole area of its jurisdiction. 
  • At least 5 acres block is selected for pest scouting and all the crops etc sown within that block is pest scouted.

IPM Fixed Farm Survey

  • For practical demonstration to the farmers for adopting Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM),
    Two (2) IPM fixed farms will be selected in each tehsil in Cotton & Rice areas one below 12.5 acres and other above 12.5 acres with the innovative farmers.
  • Fortnightly observations are recorded on each crop, vegetable, orchard etc. present in the IPM farms to find out the population of insect pests or diseases and possibilities of their further spread.

Our Process

Pest infestation /disease incidence is recorded for each crop, vegetable and orchards according to the prescribed procedure. Prescription slip along with recommendations is provided to the farmers at the spot. The list of hot spots of pest insects and disease incidence is delivered to the concerned AO/DDOA (Ext.) on the same day or with in the shortest possible time.

The process of Pest Scouting/Pest Survey on different levels are listed below:

Tehsil Level

  • Each Tehsil is divided into Union Councils.
  • The team comprising of one AO (PP) and 1-2 Field Assistants/ Pest Surveyors uniformly cover all the Union Councils of that Tehsil weekly.
  • Pest scouting is conducted 5 days/ week and 8-10 spots are covered on daily basis i.e 40-50 spots/ week.
  • All crops, vegetables, orchards etc. are pest scouted. 

District Level

  • The team comprising of one ADA (PP) and 1-2 Pest Surveyors/ Field Assistants is conducting pest scouting of all field crops, vegetables and orchards highlighting with one star.
  • Pest scouting is conducted 4 days/ week and at least 8-10 spots at random / day i.e 32-40 spots/ week including 15% counter checking of the AOs (PP) under their jurisdiction.
  • The team uniformly covers all the Tehsils of the District for every fortnight.
  • At district level on weekly basis a list of trained farmers along with their Cell No. and addresses is compiled.

Zonal Level

  • The Deputy Directors of Agriculture, Pest Warning having their own Pest Scouting/ Monitoring teams conduct pest scouting of all field crops, vegetables, orchards, under their jurisdiction for 3 days/week.
  • At least, 8-10 spots at random / day are pest scouted including 5% counter checking of the ADA (PP) & AOs (PP). Thus making a total of 24-30 spots/week.

Graphical Pest Situations of Different Crops

Rice Insect Pests​
​Disease Incidence on Rice Crop
Sucking Insect Pests of Cotton Crop