Impact of Pest Scouting Services

Pest Scouting has followning impacts on Crops and Farmers community 

  • Awareness among the farming community for adopting IPM techniques.
  • Haphazad spray have been stopped.
  • Application of pesticide as and when needed keeping in view the economic injury level of the pests.
  • Number of the sprays have been reduced from10-12 to 4-6 saving the extra amount spend on pesticides.
  • Conservation of natural enemies by using safe pesticide.
  • Off season management of pests other than chemicals resulting reduced pressures of major pests on crops to a considerable extent.
  • Spot treatment Techniques introduced by the department reduced the further spread of pests from infested to un infested areas resultantly unnecessary expenditure of use of pesticides was reduced and the pest could not develop resistance against pesticides.
  • Management of wheat pests with Bio Control agents has not only saved our main staple food from becoming polluted but also serving as main reservoir of beneficial insects for other crops.
  • More than 15000 pesticides dealers are trained regarding pest management, safe handling and appropriate use of pesticides because mostly farmers directly consult pesticide dealers for purchase of pesticides so these skilled dealers help farmers in decision making/ selection right pesticides against a specific pest.