Proactive Disclosure of Information

Subject to the provisions of this Act, a public body shall proactively disclose: 

(a)   particulars of the public body, its functions and duties
(b)   powers and functions of its officers and employees
(c)   norms and criteria set by the public body for the discharge of its functions
(d)   Acts, Ordinances, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars and other legal instruments being enforced, issued or used by the public body in the discharge of its functions
(e)    a statement of categories of information being held by the public body
 (f)   a description of its decision-making processes and any opportunities for the public to provide input into or be consulted about decisions
(g)   a directory of its officers and employees with their respective remuneration, perks and privileges
(h)   budget of the public body including details of all proposed and actual expenditures
(i)   amount of subsidy and details of beneficiaries if the public body provides any subsidy: N/A for this Directorate General
(j)   particulars of the recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by the public body: N/A for this Directorate General
(k)   facilities available with the public body for obtaining information held by it
(l)   name, designation and other particulars of the public information officer of the public body.
(m)  any other information that the Government may notify in the official Gazette.
Notification of Pesticide Dealers Licencing Committee