Quality Control of Pesticides and Registration of Pesticides Distributors

  • Pesticide Sampling
  • Cases Registered
  • Raids Conducted
  • Registered Pesticide Distributors
  • De-Listed Pesticide Distributors
  • Registered Pesticide Products
  • Pesticide Business In Punjab

    Pesticides Sampling

    • Pesticides sampling is a regular phenomenon of this Directorate General to check the adulteration in pesticides.
    • To ensure the quality of pesticides, each pesticides inspector regularly conducts intelligence based raids and draws samples from the stores/ warehouses/ shops of vendor, dealers, distributors & importers and send these to the Provincial and Federal Pesticides testing laboratories and on the receipt of negative result, legal action is taken against the concerned person/ agency in line with Agriculture Pesticide Ordinance 1971 amended up to 2012.

    Registration of Pesticides Distributors

    • Pesticides Distributor/Firm should get Distribution Licens for distribution of Agriculture Pesticides in Punjab by the Directorate General Pest Warning according to APO 1971 amended as 2012 & Pesticides Rules 1973.
    • Applications for Fresh/renewal registration of Distributors/Firms should be submitted throughout the year in the Directorate General Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides 21, Davis Road Lahore.