Research Activities

The Assistant Directors Agriculture (PP) conducts research Trials relating to different aspect of plant protection measures of present crops, vegetables and orchards. They  submit their research plans with complete methodologies to their respective Directors for approval. Assistant Director Agriculture (PP) is not only strictly monitor this programme but also execute the assigned trial as envisaged in the programe in their precinct and ensure that it is actually being carried out as per standard methodology. 

Keeping in view the importance of research regarding plant protection meaures office of Assistant Director of Agriculture (PP) Research of this Directrate General is working in Faisalabad. The post of ADA (PP) Research was established in 1984 which later on started working under the Directorate of Pest warning and Quality control of Pesticides, Punjab, Multan and now it’s all research activities are being supervised under the Directorate General of Pest warning and Quality control of Pesticides, Punjab, Lahore. The following activities are being carried out by the research officers of this office:

  • Different Departmental trials related to efficacy/Comparative Efficiency of Different Insecticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Pesticides etc on different crops especially the major crops i.e. cotton, rice, Sugarcane, Maize etc. Its basic object is to identify the importance of specific pesticides, Fungicides and Weedicide keeping in view the minimum hazards to human health.
  • Besides the departmental research trials, standardization of various Insecticides, fungicides, Weedicides is also carried out by the researchers working under of this Directorate General.  Different samples of pesticides, Fungicides, Weedicides are received through the Director Entomology AARI Faisalabad which is further processed for research activities in the fields by keeping already established standers parallel to them.
  • Light Trap data and insect collection are carried out side by side and the same is recorded in the office for the proper guideline of the farmers and these insect boxes are prepared in an excellent manner which is presented time to time in different agricultural exhibitions.
  • Other than the pesticides trials some research activities also being carried out to establish a trend for the use of non chemical agents. Such research trial has been conducted presently at Jhumra against Wheat Aphid by using various plant extracts like Neem, eucalyptus, Holly Basil etc during the survey for the selection of fields for trials important observations are also recorded and convoyed to the farmers for their control measures one such example is Parthenium.